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Readers of yesterday’s post will realise that here at 24HRPP HQ, we love a chunky knit. Yes, our wardrobes are packed full of them. Just please don’t tell any moths.

In what I hope will be a new strand to the 24HRPP blog, I’m posting the first ‘What Grace Wore’.

The press are widely reporting that Hurricane Bawbag Part Deux will be arriving sometime this evening, so in preparation, today’s outfit is sartorially storm-proof.

Fashion fans of the blog will already be in the know that this year I have not willingly embraced the ubiquitous Christmas knit, so this is the closest I get. The best really are second hand, so plunder away at your local charity shop.

This year for me the bag has been all about the backpack, and Scandinavia’s Kanken, actually a child’s backpack has sprung up everywhere on the London Underground-riding hipster. I adore the combination of blue and yellow and because it is Christmas, I have gone K-razy throwing a silver shoe into the mix too.

But before you say “woah there, sister”, take note – the charcoal wool jogging trousers from our French lover Isabel Marant are low-key-pared-down and so easy to wear, if they were a sound they would be Michael Buble.

Chunky knit wool jumper with alpine detail – £5, from a charity shop
Charcoal wool jogging trousers – £35, Isabel Marant pour H&M, sadly all sold out but you may find on www.ebay.com
Silver glitter Converse, £45, Schuh, (these are a few years old but find similar at www.schuh.co.uk
Yellow Kanken backpack, £55, www.ilovemykanken.com





Let’s think about this. Why would you have a thin knit when you can have a chunky knit? It is a fail safe of winter fashion and a must for the layered look! Here at 24HRPP HQ we team our chunky knits with floral print / jersy dresses or a cheeky denim shirt. Ooooh and it is all about the accessories. Ok you might be a thin weegie from Partick but throw on that spiky gold chain and you’ll be more G than Snoop Lion, Dog, Cat, Tiger… so G!


24HRPP recommends : Chas Byers Rd where Evie picked up this recent find!




Well 24HRPP had a wee night out last night. We found ourself at 9PM considerably tipsy after sipping vodka orange whilst watching the end of Strictly. I believe we all fell victim to Evie’s measures.

Anyway come 11PM after lots of pampering and lots and lots more vodka we were ready to go out. However we were faced with a problem. At 24HRPP we are all that little bit too old for Viper yet we still feel too young for Oran Mor.

I realise the West End has more than two venues for a good night out, however, it is limited as many close at 1am – which is about the time we want to dance on top of tables clutching tequila shots whilst eye fucking young men. You can see our dilemma.

When it came to making a decision we chose to go to Oran Mor then Viper for some dancing. We never did make it to Viper. It was Saturday night so it was very busy and difficult to find a seat, well difficult to find a seat next to any talent.

We were chatted up by a few guys much to our humour and delight. The first challenger was a lovely looking guy, skinny jeans, tweed, salt and pepper hair, supporting a dodgy moustache, which in his opening gambit he admitted to dying. He told us he was a University lecturer. The poor lamb. It took myself and Evie all of 10 minutes to break him into admitting he was just starting his Masters. NEXT.

Once Mr Masters left we found ourself sitting next to three beautiful men. The too-cool-for-school type. They sat in deep conversation whilst constructing their rollies, then each taking it in turn to go outside for a smoke. On returning from the smoke break Grace noted a silver band on the left hand. NEXT.

Our last suitors were definitely the worst. A pair of middle aged professionals – not to be confused with Young Professionals. They had obviously just paid off the Audi and therefore had nothing to prove. Even with our slender frames I’m sure the three of us would have had no problem drinking them under the table. Lightweights – unforgivable. TAXI!




Oh my. Visual album? Yes please. Only Beyoncé can drop an album on Friday the 13th with no warning and sell sell sell. We absolutely love her at 24HRPP HQ and cant even think of anything negative to say. #flawless


24HRPP recommends: Buying Beyoncé’s album. Obviously.


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She’s there every time you’re standing in line at the new Partick Morrisons waiting to pay for your bottle of Pinot Grigio. She’s there in the Daily Mail’s Sidebar of Shame. And apparently she’s getting a Chanel-shaped Christmas present as Kanye was reportedly spied leaving the Beverly Hills emporium yesterday ‘with a large grin on his face’.

We, the human race, can’t get enough of her and her marketing dream of a life. The fact that she just happens to have hopped on one of the biggest musicians of the twenty-teens and has a family who are partial to cosmetic surgery, drama and the letter K only imbues their life with a greater mystery than who built the pyramids. Or who stole Nicola’s Miso soup at 24HRPP HQ.

Admit it, you want to be her or at least have her glossy hair extensions for a day.

VERDICT: VOGUE (Have you you SEEN the David LaChappelle Kardashian Christmas card??)



Possibly one of the most wonderful hairstyles ever to be invented! Here at 24HRPP we are all eternally grateful for the trendsetter that was Cleopatra. Whether its your wrinkly forehead, that beast of a spot you can’t get rid or you just want an extra layer of warmth in the winter. Fringes are a life saver.


24HRPP recommends Kennedy & Co. A tiny treasure of Partick. Your hair will be in safe hands here. Free fringe trims for customers. SO VOGUE!



A tricky one. We are not all blessed with the curly lashes of Miss Piggy and for some of us fake eyelashes are a must. But come 2am when you lash has migrated south making you look like this years female contribution to Movember, these lashes can be a fashion disaster.

Ladies it’s time to put the glue down.


24HRPP recommends Maxfactor 2000 Calorie



Actually, it’s pretty mild here in Partick right now. Double figures even. But regardless, the colder weather has us hankering for oversized coats, faux-fur trimmed accessories and a Starbucks red cup, all while gliding effortlessly around the ice on George Square. 

And now we are on the final countdown to the big X-mas Day, we stylistas are all pondering the same question… To Christmas jumper, or not to Christmas jumper?

I wrestle, truly I do. The first year they appeared circa 2011 when they unravelled like your Granny’s unruly ball of wool onto the fashion radar via BBC presenters prancing gaily around a snowy scene, I pulled an expression which had my MAC Russian Red lipstick travelling in all directions. After all, this was the same time that Sarah Lund of The Killing became style icon to everyone indoors on a Saturday night on BBC Four.

Now hers was a jumper I got. It was one you could imagine wearing when you broke down in your car on the M8 and a handsome be-kilted stranger (I’m English, ok?) pulled up and offered to change my tyre which would practically keep me warm while I held the jack, but also cute enough to get the guy (PS I’m single too). The ironic throwback to the Seventies was never going to get the guy.

But last year, something changed in me. The wind blew in from the east or something. I wanted a piece of the Christmas jumper action. In fact, the more hideous the better. Santa, embellished elves, Christmas trees, singing reindeer: Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal became my new bestie.

A year on, this love affair is over. But, there are many great Christmas jumpers without Christmas on the tin. 24HRPP loves Vintage Guru on Byres Road, where Nicola bought an adorable cream chunky knit from. And ringing all the jingle bells without being too overt is this Fair Isle from Topshop . It’s pink, patterned and without Aled Jones in sight. 

Stay classy Partick.


(Picture credit: jamesmcavoy.yuku.com)