Actually, it’s pretty mild here in Partick right now. Double figures even. But regardless, the colder weather has us hankering for oversized coats, faux-fur trimmed accessories and a Starbucks red cup, all while gliding effortlessly around the ice on George Square. 

And now we are on the final countdown to the big X-mas Day, we stylistas are all pondering the same question… To Christmas jumper, or not to Christmas jumper?

I wrestle, truly I do. The first year they appeared circa 2011 when they unravelled like your Granny’s unruly ball of wool onto the fashion radar via BBC presenters prancing gaily around a snowy scene, I pulled an expression which had my MAC Russian Red lipstick travelling in all directions. After all, this was the same time that Sarah Lund of The Killing became style icon to everyone indoors on a Saturday night on BBC Four.

Now hers was a jumper I got. It was one you could imagine wearing when you broke down in your car on the M8 and a handsome be-kilted stranger (I’m English, ok?) pulled up and offered to change my tyre which would practically keep me warm while I held the jack, but also cute enough to get the guy (PS I’m single too). The ironic throwback to the Seventies was never going to get the guy.

But last year, something changed in me. The wind blew in from the east or something. I wanted a piece of the Christmas jumper action. In fact, the more hideous the better. Santa, embellished elves, Christmas trees, singing reindeer: Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal became my new bestie.

A year on, this love affair is over. But, there are many great Christmas jumpers without Christmas on the tin. 24HRPP loves Vintage Guru on Byres Road, where Nicola bought an adorable cream chunky knit from. And ringing all the jingle bells without being too overt is this Fair Isle from Topshop . It’s pink, patterned and without Aled Jones in sight. 

Stay classy Partick.


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